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By Joelle Rollo-Koster; Thomas M. Izbicki (editors)

ISBN-10: 9004162771

ISBN-13: 9789004162778

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S. Petri, eo tamen ignorante, et aliqui D. Jacobi, quos vidi et cognovi, qui clamabant: Romano lo volemo, alta voce [. ] et tunc D. Jacobus de Ursinis apparuit populo dicens: Ne clametis, quia et vos habetis papam italicum. Et tunc omnes amici predictorum clamabant: non, non, Romano lo volemo. Et, ut ego audivi a pluribus ex cardinalibus ex his qui tunc erant, si non fuisset iste clamor, tunc post prandium intronizarent Dominum nostrum; sed inter eos fuit dictum: Ex quo non fecimus romanum, ipse et nos essemus in periculo [.

94 A group of cardinals hid in the camerlengo’s apartment, where a cleric proposed to dress the old Cardinal Tebaldeschi as a substitute pope to calm the onslaught. Struggling against his well-intended assailants, Tebaldeschi was enthroned, covered with the white miter and red cape, and paraded on his chair to the call of the papal bell and the sound of the Te Deum. 95 91 Valois, “L’élection d’Urbain VI,” p. 399. Gayet, Le grand schisme, pp. 266–397, juxtaposes the pillage’s narrative. I will not repeat his task.

Later in the process, after a rumor circulated that the cardinals had named an Italian, some Roman officials came to see the bishop of Marseille to request a Roman pope. The bishop tried to demonstrate to them the extravagance of their request. He asked them, ironically what he was supposed to expect next! 51 The speech that Nardus—one of the Roman bannerets in charge of the conclave’s integrity—made to the crowd shows again the expectation of the Romans. He told the crowd that, up to that point, the cardinals had given them only empty words but now were ready to abide by electing a Roman or an Italian pope.

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