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By Radhika Singha

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This quantity bargains with law-making as a cultural firm within which the colonial nation needed to draw upon current normative codes of rank, prestige and gender, and re-order them to a brand new and extra unique definition of the state's sovereign correct.

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18, p. 303. Be fore the institution of the adalats the complaint would often have been resol,red at this level. Thus it was to the amil's 71aib, deputy, thatJhengur Brahrnia complained that Chotuk Brahmin had poisOned his mother and robbed them. The n:lib imprisoned Choruk who then persuaded Jhengur to accept compensation, The rnzi1lll711ah, deed of agreement, would have been lodged with the naib and the matte} concluded. but the amil sent the parties to the resident. BRC P/51127, 28 Novemb'er 1788, pp.

4? The Board agreed to dispense with the oath of office for the Banaras adalat, but it was reimposed subsequently. The resistance at certain points of indigenous elites, schooled in a certain politi :al tradition, or in a certain legal-sacral one, to the new terms on which the colonial state sought to tap indigenous law and utilize their serVices to administer it, is an interesting dimension of the Orientalist enterprise. In Banaras m:Jlly pandits refused to accept a position in the Sanslcrit school set .

70. 139 ior instance, Hastings said that' by re-appointing faujdars to check banditry, cultivators could more easily pay Government's dues and a state of security would allow the improvement of the land. '(M)any villages, especially in Jessore and Mahmudshahee,' he pointed out, 'pay a regu1~r Malguzaree to the chiefs of the Decoits'. Extract from progs of Governor in Council, 19 April 1774, Supplement, p. 125. Malguzari: land tax. I :~ ! I11';'\ Ii: ll\! l<\Q The criminal regulations of the Company werea~1 supposed to encourage the spirit of industry but through the age~ of the police and the penal regime.

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