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By Richard Ward

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It is a bankruptcy from A international background of Execution and the legal Corpse edited through Richard Ward. This bankruptcy is on the market open entry less than a CC through license.


Capital punishment is an old common — it's been practiced sooner or later within the heritage of just about all identified societies and locations. that's not to claim, besides the fact that, that it's an ancient consistent — the use, shape, functionality and which means of execution has diversified significantly throughout varied historic contexts. this can be likewise precise for a big — even supposing really overlooked — element of capital punishment: the destiny of the felony physique after execution. This bankruptcy is an advent to the quantity.

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How might very different understandings of the body, death and the afterlife, for instance, have shaped execution and the treatment of the executed body at other times and places beyond early modern Europe? The chapters in this volume provide some fresh perspectives on such questions. But before going on to introduce the chapters and highlighting some of the insights they offer, a note is first needed on the volume’s parameters and some issues of definition. 22 A Global History of Execution and the Criminal Corpse Execution and the Criminal Corpse in Global Historical Perspective Chapters 1–5 examine executions and the criminal corpse in eighteenth-century Europe and add valuable detail to our knowledge of its extent, form, function and meaning in this period.

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