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By David Cleary

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For many the word "gold rush" inspires pictures of the 1849ers panning for gold within the western usa. yet in 1979, the largest gold rush of this century all started within the Brazilian Amazon and has endured unabated ever since.

Despite makes an attempt by means of governments and mining businesses to regulate it, the Amazon gold rush has flourished, related to millions of miners in an informal-sector which produces over a thousand million cash' worthy of gold every year. furthermore, the mining job has turn into famous—or infamous—well past Brazil, due to the furor it has raised within the environmental community.

This vital anthropological examine takes the 1st huge and balanced examine the gold rush to provide an explanation for its background, the social association of the gold camps, the politics and the economics of gold in Brazil, and the results of the gold rush for Amazonia and its people.

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From the beginning Maranhao suffered from a severe labour shortage, aggravated by the much-remarked aversion of the Portuguese to anything remotely resembling manual work. The mortality of enslaved Indians was extremely high, and all historians of the region and period 3 have noted the severe tensions this generated between settlers and Jesuits. The retention of Indians in missions, rather than their release as slaves, caused great resentment. It resulted· in charges that the Jesuits were deliberately hoarding Indian labour for their own nefarious projects, including gold mining.

If it gets into a stream bed we take out the cascalho [alluvium] at the point where it enters the water course, until we hit a layer on the bottom that has no gold. You look at the depth of the layer where there is gold and using the bateia you can say whether it will give you three, five, or ten grams a day, or maybe more. What about an area where the only gold present is in rock? No, you don't understand. Look, gold in rock has to release grains. Let's say that going up a hill you see a rock formation, you bear it in mind and then at the foot of the hill you find gold in the bateia.

The sacudia predates the cobra fum an do but it is difficult to say when it was introduced into Brazil. That it was introduced is clear from the etymology of xeique-xeique, obviously an attempt to render the English 'shake-shake' into Portuguese. The English is Creole, which suggests that like the lontona and the dalla it was imported from British Guiana. During the 1930s it was one of the most common methods of working alluvial gold, and was still in use in the 1940s in some parts of Maranhao according to old garimpeiros, although by then it was rapidly giving way to the cobra fumando.

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