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By Jim Van Meggelen; Jared Smith; Leif Madsen

ISBN-10: 0596522290

ISBN-13: 9780596522292

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16 | Chapter 2: Preparing a System for Asterisk The obvious conclusion is that you should get the most powerful CPU your budget will allow. However, don’t be too quick to buy the most expensive CPU out there. You’ll need to keep the requirements of your system in mind; after all, a Formula 1 Ferrari is ill-suited to the rigors of rush-hour traffic. Slower CPUs will often run cooler and, thus, you might be able to build a lower-powered, fanless Asterisk system for a small office, which could work well in a dusty environment, perhaps.

In the next chapter, we will discuss the selection, installation, and configuration of the software environment for your Asterisk system. Conclusion In this chapter, we’ve discussed all manner of issues that can contribute to the stability and quality of an Asterisk installation. §How much time and effort you should devote to following the best practices and § Just don’t ever install the X-windowing environment (which is anything that delivers a desktop, such as GNOME, KDE, and such). You are almost guaranteed to have audio quality problems, as Asterisk and the GUI will fight for control of the CPU.

IRQ latency Interrupt request (IRQ) latency is basically the delay between the moment a peripheral card (such as a telephone interface card) requests the CPU to stop what it’s doing and the moment when the CPU actually responds and is ready to handle the task. Asterisk’s peripherals (especially the Zaptel cards) are extremely intolerServer Hardware Selection | 15 ant of IRQ latency. This is not due to any problem with the cards so much as part of the nature of how a software-based TDM engine has to work.

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