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By Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin

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When the French sought to convey their views to German workers in France, they explained that the very title of the German-language journal they published in Paris for this purpose, Der Syndikalist, “is an entire programme. To show how this programme grows out of working 31 Freie Vereinigung, Protokoll [1908], 131. 32 When revolutionary unionists outside France applauded the French as the pioneers of syndicalism, they meant that the French had advanced further in articulating its axioms and giving institutionalised expression to its practices, not that those axioms and practices were singularly or even distinctively French.

In some cases, existing militant newspapers like Die Einigkeit in Germany and Brand in Sweden, both dating back to the nineteenth century, came to embrace and publicise the cause. The Russian journal in Geneva, Kheb i volia (Bread and liberty), whose first issue in 1903 praised the general strike, endorsed syndicalism during the Russian Revolution of 1905. The proliferation of newly-created journals 11 Quoted in Bowman’s introduction to Tom Mann, From Single Tax to Syndicalism (Walthamstow, 1913).

Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism, vol. 1 (Oakland: AK Press, 2009), ch. 5. , Revolutionary Syndicalism: An International Perspective (Aldershot: Scolar, 1990). The editors’ introduction (1–24) to that volume offered a brief and tentative analysis of the factors encouraging the emergence of syndicalism in the era of the second industrial revolution: a generalised radicalisation of labour; the changing nature of labour processes and relations that challenged job control and workers’ autonomy; the growing feasibility of the general strike; spatial and geographical considerations; and the increasing rejection of the dominant labour strategy.

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