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In July 1941 there were 3,459 deaths. The natural increase in the Jewish population is 4 times lower than among non-Jews. Is it not obvious that the Jews were in some kind of trouble? On January 30, 1942, there was a news item in a black box on 15 Jews who were executed. On January 2, 1942, there was a horrible decimation of Polish Jewry. In 1941 165,000 Jews died. On January 3, 1942, there was a report on the death of 173,000 Jews in the Lodz ghetto (from the German press). On February 8, 1942, under the headline "Jewish Blood Being Spilled Like Water," the number of Vilna Jews dropped to as low as 40,000 from the previous 70,000.

And Weizmann further said, "Ben-Gurion is developing fascist and megalomaniac tendencies on top of political hysteria ... " Stephen Wise invited the two quarreling men to his house to make peace, but to no avail. Those things were said at a time when Hitler and his colleagues massacred Jews at an average rate of 10,000 a day. More Meetings and Not a Word about the Holocaust! Ben-Gurion stayed in New York for a few months after the Biltmore conference. S President so the latter would press Britain to cancel the White Paper.

At the time Arab leaders were gathered in Morocco, including Gamal Abdel Nasser who had come to the conference. It is likely that Israel wished to embarrass him and show the Arab world that despite all the security measures taken by the Arabs, Israel's hand could reach even to Morocco where the conference was taking place. There had been the Patria, Struma and Empire Life Guard and more ... as Minister Zippori said to Yediot Aharonot on October 4, 1984. There was even an attempt to paint an Israeli plane in the colors and symbols of the Egyptian air force and have that plane bomb an Israeli city to provide the excuse to attack Egypt.

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