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By Wim Soetaert; Erick J Vandamme

ISBN-10: 047002674X

ISBN-13: 9780470026748

''Biofuels covers the use and conversion applied sciences of biomass as a renewable source to supply bioenergy in a sustainable method, ordinarily within the type of liquid and gaseous biofuels. It offers a huge assessment of biofuel advancements from either a technical and a cheap attitude. different construction applied sciences for biofuels that exist or are less than improvement are largely coated extensive, facing both Read more...

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J. Hettenhaus, T. Schechinger (1998) ‘Corn Stover Collection Project,’ BioEnergy ’98 – Expanding Bioenergy Partnerships: Proceedings, Volume 2, Madison, WI, pp 1100–10. 17. E. R. Hettenhaus (2003) Innovative Methods for Corn Stover Collecting, Handling, Storing and Transporting. NREL/SR-510-33893. pdf. 18. Quick, Graeme (2003) Single-Pass Corn and Stover Harvesters: Development and Performance. Proceedings of the International Conference on Crop Harvesting and Processing, 9–11 February 2003 (Louisville, Kentucky USA) 701P1103e.

In addition to cost savings, environmental benefits of reduced nitrogen fertilizer use include reduced run-off to streams and groundwater and reduced emissions of nitrous oxide (N2 O), a potent greenhouse gas. 5 pounds of N2 O per 100 pounds of fertilizer applied. 9 metric tons CO2 equivalent per ton of nitrogen fertilizer application. For 30 % of the corn stover used as feedstock, the nitrogen fertilizer reduction is 800,000 tons, for a GHG gas reduction between 1 and 10 MMTCO2 . Recent work suggests that for all corn cultivation systems across the Corn Belt, nitrous oxide generated by soil microbes may be the dominant greenhouse gas emission.

The soluble lignin is transported, precipitated, filtered and used as a process energy source by the biorefinery, replacing fossil fuels or the more bulky crop residues. Hydrolysis of the remaining cellulose to a glucose solution can be readily accomplished at the collection center by adding enzymes or activating enzymes incorporated in the plant. Depending on the enzyme hydrolysis economics, transpiration of the cellulosic solids – less than 2/3 the original feedstock solids – may be a viable option.

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