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By Douglas Robert Denison

ISBN-10: 1625168411

ISBN-13: 9781625168412

This ebook development Our own residence the not easy manner (With 5 Beer Drinkers) is one in every of one thousand tasks I designed and/or in-built my fifty seven years as a designer/builder, expert venture supervisor, and basic superintendent. My first spouse and that i kept up sufficient cash to construct our retirement domestic in a Canadian hotel in British Columbia. the one method lets construct the home we would have liked used to be to assemble leftover fabrics from my huge tasks in Vancouver and Whistler. those incorporated excessive rises and a timeshare lodge. I labored each weekend, holiday, and vacation, spending nearly 4,000 hours on that condominium. I referred to as in my neighborhood staff as helpful -my 5 beer drinkers - as i wanted them, which occurred whilst there has been loads of heavy lifting, and because the home had over 100 logs in it and that i was once utilizing a chainsaw, I continually had an individual there for security. The book's photographs exhibit the growth throughout the 5 years the undertaking took from begin to end. Then anything occurs on the finish of the ebook that takes every person all of sudden. development Our own residence the challenging method used to be demanding! An novice photographer seeing that highschool, Douglas Robert Denison illustrates the levels of his retirement domestic with a variety of images. Born seventy two years in the past in Portland, Oregon, he has shriveled in most cases in Canada, the united states, and Mexico. He was once within the carpenter's union, was once a logger, and had 3 of his personal customized domestic building businesses that outfitted 104 huge customized houses. He designed and equipped six palaces in Saudi Arabia, and has labored on inns, eating places, theaters, and mega mansions. Publisher's site:

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