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ZAVWSA00\Desktop\Guitar\21-02-08\26-0... Page 50 of 78 2008/03/17 BURIED CITIES, Part 1, Pompeii Page 51 of 78 KITCHEN UTENSILS. These kettles and frying pans and ladles are made of bronze, an alloy of copper and tin. They look very much like our kitchen furnishings. ZAVWSA00\Desktop\Guitar\21-02-08\26-0... ZAVWSA00\Desktop\Guitar\21-02-08\26-0... Page 52 of 78 2008/03/17 BURIED CITIES, Part 1, Pompeii Page 53 of 78 CENTAUR CUP. Some rich Pompeian had a pair of beautiful silver cups with graceful handles.

Doesn't he look as if he loved to dance, snapping his fingers to keep time? Although this great house contained on the floor of one room the most famous of ancient mosaic pictures, representing Alexander the Great in battle, and although it contains many other fine mosaics, it was named from this statue, the House of the Faun, Casa del Fauno. ZAVWSA00\Desktop\Guitar\21-02-08\26-0...

ZAVWSA00\Desktop\Guitar\21-02-08\26-0... Page 33 of 78 2008/03/17 BURIED CITIES, Part 1, Pompeii Page 34 of 78 POMPEII FROM AN AIRPLANE. The roofs are all gone and all the partitions inside the houses show. That is why it all looks so crowded and confused. But if you study it carefully you can see some interesting things. The big open space is the forum. It is about five hundred feet long, running northeast and southwest. South of it is the temple of Apollo. North of it, where you see the bases of columns in a circle, was the market.

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