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H(G) is not only a cone b u t a vector space. 3 Maximum Princiole: sup- ( f ) = max f ( t ) G tEa G for all f E H(G). The Sandwich Theorem Proof: If f i s c o n s t a n t , t h e n t h e a s s e r t i o n i s t r i v i a l . So, i t remains t o deal w i t h t h e case when to = (xl 0 0 , x2,. , x l f i s n o t c o n s t a n t . Assume t h a t t h e r e i s some ) E G such t h a t f ( t o )> max f ( t ) t€aG Then t a k e some (xl-xl) 0 2 I p 41 > 0 p . ,x~) E E . And choose E > 0 so, that g(t) 5 f ( t ) we have for all t E E.

W i t h t h e Extension Theorem i n s t e a d of t h e Sandwich Theorem. We do t h i s i n such a way t h a t we have e q u a l i t y i n (***) which c l e a r l y i m p l i e s t h e a s s e r t i o n . I n t h i s case we cons i d e r t h e m u l t i p l i c a t i v e semigroup ( H I = { ( h ( \ h € H ( X ) I and d e f i n e an a d d i t i v e u on H by T h i s d e f i n i t i o n i s n o t ambiguous because o f ( * * ) . Then by t h e E x t e n s i o n Theorem we can extend T h i s i s p o s s i b l e because (**) u t o an a d d i t i v e 5 p.

Construction o f the free abelian semigroup: a subset of We may consider X t o be 26 X* Linear Functionals = If E :N I + f(x) f o r a t most f i n i t e l y many 0 x E X with t h e function zero. X* : X -,S : X* + ‘I which maps 6, be a map i n t o an a b e l i a n semigroup S 1 and a l l x+x to S, then o b v i o u s l y g i v e n by 1 f ( x ) T(x), = f E X€X i s t h e unique e x t e n s i o n o f Let to by i d e n t i f y i n g i s an a b e l i a n semigroup under p o i n t w i s e a d d i t i o n .

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