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By Piero Frediani, Marco Frediani, Luca Rosi

ISBN-10: 1628088125

ISBN-13: 9781628088120

This identify on cultural history makes use of numerous issues of view. incorporated are theories on cultural history maintenance similar to the cult of historic monuments, our heritage and the commercial price of cultural history renovation. A diagnostic assessment is advised via an built-in multidisciplinary strategy, employing quantitative and trustworthy information. This prognosis is helping in knowing the hot houses of decayed wooden and, in standpoint, we could us classify the fabric in accordance with its point of deterioration for greater conservation.

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1996, 23, 249-260. , Huang, S. Tourism and heritage conservation in Singapore. Ann. Tourism Res. 1995, 22, 589-615. In: Cultural Heritage ISBN: 978-1-62808-812-0 Editors: Piero Frediani, Marco Frediani and Luca Rosi © 2013 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Chapter 2 DOCUMENTATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE M. A. Núñez, F. Buill, J. Regot, A. Prades and A. Mesa Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain ABSTRACT Humans can build real masterpieces that amaze mankind for centuries. However, they can also destroy everything created by their actions, not only during armed conflicts, which still plague part of the world today, but also through daily actions that cause deterioration of these works.

Moreover, a large depth of field (DoF) to several distances is required [24]. The coordinates of some points are needed to orientate the stereoscopic pairs and create the model. Consequently, targets or specific details of the element are measured using topographic methods to obtain the coordinates of the control points. In close-range photogrammetry, the most common mathematical solutions in the process of determining image orientations or obtaining a model by restitution are based on collinearity equations.

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