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By Kurt W. Smith

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Build software program that mixes Python’s expressivity with the functionality and keep an eye on of C (and C++). It’s attainable with Cython, the compiler and hybrid programming language utilized by foundational applications reminiscent of NumPy, and popular in initiatives together with Pandas, h5py, and scikits-learn. during this useful consultant, you’ll how one can use Cython to enhance Python’s performance—up to 3000x— and to wrap C and C++ libraries in Python with ease.

Author Kurt Smith takes you thru Cython’s features, with pattern code and in-depth perform routines. If you’re simply beginning with Cython, or are looking to cross deeper, you’ll find out how this language is a vital a part of any performance-oriented Python programmer’s arsenal.

  • Use Cython’s static typing to hurry up Python code
  • Gain hands-on adventure utilizing Cython gains to spice up your numeric-heavy Python
  • Create new varieties with Cython—and see how briskly object-oriented programming in Python can be
  • Effectively arrange Cython code into separate modules and applications with out sacrificing performance
  • Use Cython to provide Pythonic interfaces to C and C++ libraries
  • Optimize code with Cython’s runtime and compile-time profiling tools
  • Use Cython’s prange functionality to parallelize loops transparently with OpenMP

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Consult the linked documentation for details. Using Our Extension Module Whether on Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows, once we have compiled our extension module, we can bring up our Python or IPython interpreter and import the fib module: $ ipython --no-banner In [1]: import fib If no ImportError is raised, then the compilation was likely successful. We can use IPython’s handy introspection features to provide more details about our extension module: In [2]: fib? so Docstring: Putting a single ?

Windows The recommended compiler to use on Windows is Visual Studio, the same version used to compile the Python runtime. 7. Another good alternative is to use the Windows SDK C/C++ compil‐ er. These compilers are the only reliable options for compiling 64-bit extensions. Another option on Windows for 32-bit extensions is to use MinGW. It is not as reliable as the Microsoft-provided compilers, but will likely work for simple ex‐ amples. The MinGW compiler is distributed via several prepackaged Python soft‐ ware distributions, mentioned in the next section.

1 For example, consider what happens when the Python runtime evaluates a + b: 1. The interpreter inspects the Python object referred to by a for its type, which re‐ quires at least one pointer lookup at the C level. 2. The interpreter asks the type for an implementation of the addition method, which may require one or more additional pointer lookups and internal function calls. 3. If the method in question is found, the interpreter then has an actual function it can call, implemented either in Python or in C.

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