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By Charles F. Gritzner

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As a result, there are relatively few natural freshwater bodies of any size or importance in the world’s desert lands. No permanent natural lakes of importance occupy the desert lands Geography of Land and Water Lake Chad, located on the southern margin of the Sahara Desert and bordered by the countries of Cameroon, Chad, Niger, and Nigeria, is thought to be the remnant of an inland sea. This image from space was taken by the space shuttle Discovery in 1 and shows the shrinking water level of the lake.

A full-grown vine may spread only inches, and flowers of a plant in bloom may reach no higher than your ankle. Many animals are nocturnal, which allows them to avoid the scorching temperatures in the daytime. One thing all desert plants and animals share in common is the ability to survive conditions of extreme heat and aridity. RUNNING AN ENVIRONMENTAL OBSTACLE COURSE Ecology is the study of interrelationships that exist in how organisms adapt to the environments in which they live. Each life-form has a habitat, the natural environment to which it is adapted.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam each contain many references to important events occurring in mountainous locations. ” For example, the ancient Egyptians built pyramids, and the members of several cultures in Central and South America built ziggurats, which are similar in shape to 35 36 Deserts the Egyptian pyramids, but have large steps climbing up the sides. In the modern world, many mountainous areas still hold on to their importance by being important centers of mining activity, recreation, and tourism.

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