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Optical versus digital zoom capabilities. Optical zoom enables you to zoom in on an object by using the lenses. Digital zoom enables zooming through the use of software. Optical zoom provides a far better image than digital zoom. ᮣ Macro capabilities. These enable you to take close-up images. ᮣ Viewfinder and/or LCD. A viewfinder is an optical window that enables you to point the camera. com Introducing Digital Cameras — Chapter 1 21 ᮣ Image storage media (CompactFlash, SmartMedia, floppy disk, or other).

Complex objects often make correcting shadows and highlights difficult, if not impossible. The solution to this problem is to shoot with the correct lighting. I keep a separate file directory just for objects. In it are butterflies, seagulls, people, cats, turtles, mushrooms, moons, boats, flowers— even LEGO models. 12 shows the results of combining a North Carolina turtle (the Loch Ness monster), a South Carolina seagull, and an old wooden boat from Portugal into an image off the coast of Scotland.

Now let’s look at some techniques for taking better pictures when they will be used in the new world of digital photography. A “starter set” of 15 digital imaging techniques When you move into the world of digital editing, you’re entering a new realm of possibilities. Your power to control size, shape, color, light, and almost every aspect of any part of any image will enable you to do dazzling things. com Learning to Take Better Pictures — Chapter 2 41 Shoot interesting objects for their own sake When I first started digitally editing images, I was thrilled to see what could be done.

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