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It really is demanding to make a barren region in a spot that gets sixty inches of rain every year. yet after a long time of copper mining, all that remained of the previous hardwood forests within the Ducktown Mining District of the southern Appalachian Mountains used to be a fifty-square mile barren expanse of seriously gullied purple hills--a panorama created via sulfur dioxide smoke from copper smelting and damaging logging practices. In Ducktown Smoke, Duncan Maysilles examines this environmental catastrophe, one of many worst the South has skilled, and its impression on environmental legislation and Appalachian conservation.Beginning in 1896, the widening destruction wrought in Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina via Ducktown copper mining spawned thousands of non-public court cases, culminating in Georgia v. Tennessee Copper Co., the U.S. perfect Court's first pollution case. In its 1907 choice, the courtroom well-known for the 1st time the sovereign correct of person states to guard their common assets from transborder toxins, a foundational opinion within the formation of yank environmental legislations. Maysilles finds how the ideal courtroom case introduced jointly the disparate forces of agrarian populism, business logging, and the woodland conservation move to set a criminal precedent that is still proper in environmental legislation this day.

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Most households included at least one farmer and a spinner or weaver, or both. Mechanics (probably blacksmiths and wagon wrights) and ferryboat operators appeared in many others. 14 The local Cherokees dwelt in sturdy wooden homes and practiced a mixed agriculture in which they raised corn, beans, and squashes in their gardens; grazed horses and cattle in the pastures; and allowed hogs to roam the woods to fatten on mast from oaks and chestnuts. They left the slopes wooded because they preferred to live and farm in the valley bottoms where the land was rich, flat, and easily worked.

Stories of the boulder told by Indians and fur trappers drew white prospectors who found the legend to be true: even after all the Indian use, the boulder was still a four-foot-long, 3,700-pound copper nugget. Promoters sent the rock to the East Coast, where it enticed miners and capitalists to travel west to a land of long, hard winters. There, beginning in 1843, they created the first major American copper rush of the century. 29 Accident, not legendary boulders, led whites to the rediscovery of copper in Ducktown.

It continued up the Ellijay Valley into Fannin County to the town of Blue Ridge, and from there made the descent into the Ducktown Basin by following the Toccoa River. Waiting at the McCays Depot (later renamed Copperhill) were several hundred people and a brass band to honor the momentous occasion. All eyes turned up river to see the first puffs of smoke from the train’s smokestack; all ears strained to hear the locomotive’s whistle and bell. When the train arrived, the brakes squealed, the band played, and then a hush came over the crowd as local dignitaries read and delivered a proclamation to the crowd.

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