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Even supposing Einstein is broadly credited with abolishing the ether suggestion, he truly brought a brand new relativistic ether in 1916, constructing the belief in his later works. This ebook relates the tale of Einstein and the rebirth of the ether, demonstrating how Einstein got here to reject the nineteenth century ether. It info 3 relativistic ether types constructed via Einstein and Einstein's therapy of spacetime as a fabric entity-a "new ether"

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Pais, op. , pp. 185-186. A. Einstein, “Principe de relativité et ses consequences dans la physique moderne,” ASPN, 29 (1910), pp. 5-28 and 125-244. 93 A. Einstein, “Relativitätstheorie,” VNGZ, 56 (1911), pp. 1-14; by the same author “Relativitätstheorie,” in: Die Physik, ed. E. Lecher (Leipzig: Teubner, 1915), pp. 702– 713. 91 92 Einstein Denies the Existence of the Ether (1905-1916) 39 In his further works Einstein presented a more or less developed historical sketch of the best-known hypotheses and models of the ether, and a brief description of the experiments of Fizeau and MichelsonMorley.

405-420. 42 Einstein and the Ether Einstein’s attitude toward Lenard changed radically after Lenard delivered his paper Ether and Matter104 at the Academy of Science in Heidelberg on June 4, 1910. Lenard defended the concept of the ether. In his opinion, the ether was necessary to explain numerous phenomena, particularly electromagnetism and gravitation. In Lenard’s view, the ether was not a continuous substance, but something discrete. It consisted of parts (Ätherteile) which he called cells (Zellen).

In both systems all bodies, irrespective of their shape and composition, will fall in vacuum with the same acceleration γ. In two such systems, gravitational phenomena appear identical, as do mechanical, optical, and electromagnetic phenomena. These phenomena are equally influenced by the field of acceleration in one system and the field of gravitation in the other system. It was the first time that Einstein had shown how the gravitational field and acceleration influenced the spatial shape of bodies, the working of clocks, and electromagnetic processes.

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