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By I. J. Maddox

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The second one variation of this winning textbook, first released in 1970, keeps the goals of the 1st, particularly to supply a very introductory direction in sensible research, however the chance has been taken so as to add extra aspect and labored examples. the most alterations are entire revisons of the paintings on convex units, metric and topological linear areas, reflexivity and vulnerable convergence. extra fabric at the Weiner algebra of completely convergent Fourier sequence and on susceptible topologies is integrated. a last bankruptcy contains easy purposes of useful research to differential and quintessential equations.

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We show the details in the planar case (Λ = C) with L = 1. The proof is 1 2 virtually identical in the hyperbolic case. For β ∈ C, let fβ (z) = f(z + β)e− zβ− 2 |β| . 4 that fβ = f. We compute 1 2 + zw+β w E fβ (z)f(w) = e− zβ− 2 |β| . As β → ∞ this goes to 0 uniformly for z, w in any compact set. By Cauchy’s formula, the coefficients of the power series expansion of fβ around 0 are given by 1 2π i fβ (ζ) C ζ n +1 d ζ, where C(t) = e it , 0 ≤ t ≤ 2π. Therefore, for any n, the first n coefficients in the power series of f and the first n coefficients in the power series of fβ become uncorrelated and hence (by joint Gaussianity) independent, as β → ∞.

Thus δ | Z + U |−η 1(| Z + U | > 3 ) ≤ | Z/2|−η , so we have | Z + U |−η ≤ | Z + U |−η 1(| Z + U | ≤ 3 ) + | Z/2|−η . After taking expectations we get E| Z + U |−η ≤ B3 | z|−η P(Z + U ∈ dz) + E| Z/2|−η . Given Z, the conditional probability that Z + U ∈ dz is 1(z + Z ∈ D)/(π 2 ). So the first term can be written as | z|−η dz | z|−η dz P(Z ∈ z + D) ≤ P(| Z | < 4 ) 2 π π 2 B3 B3 −η = c η P(| Z | < 4 )(4 ) ≤ c η E| Z |−η , the last inequality is Markov’s. We conclude E| Z + U |−η ≤ c η E| Z |−η , as required.

1 holds for random analytic functions satisfying the following condition. 4) k B n f+ z (K) dz are uniformly integrable as → 0. P ROOF. Let ϕ : Ck → R be a continuous test function with compact support. 2 with the notation F = (f, . . 5) 1 k Vol(B ) Ck ϕ(x)|F (x)|2 1B k (F(x)) dx = 1 Vol(B k ) Bk ϕ[F −1 (y)]d y. 6) 1 Vol(B ) k B n f+ z (supp ϕ) dz , which is uniformly integrable by assumption. 5), let → 0 and use uniform integrability. 7) ϕ(z1 , . . , z k ) = ϕ d µk . E z∈Z k The left hand side, by the Fubini argument, becomes ϕ(x) E |F (x)|2 1(F(x) ∈ B k ) Vol(B k ) = ϕ(x) dx E |f (x1 ) · · · f (xk )|2 1(f(x1 ), .

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