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By Alan Holt, Chi-Yu Huang

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This practically-oriented textbook presents a transparent creation to the several part components of an working procedure and the way those interact. The easy-to-follow textual content covers the bootloader, kernel, filesystem, shared libraries, start-up scripts, configuration documents and approach utilities. The approach for construction every one part is defined intimately, guiding the reader throughout the means of making a totally useful GNU/Linux embedded OS. beneficial properties: offers a concise review of the GNU/Linux procedure, and a close evaluate of GNU/Linux filesystems; describes find out how to construct an embedded approach to run on a digital computer, and to run natively on an exact processor; introduces the concept that of the compiler toolchain, demonstrating how one can strengthen a go toolchain in order that courses might be outfitted on a number of diverse architectures; discusses the ARM-based structures BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi; explains how one can construct OpenWRT firmware photos for OMxP Open-mesh units and the Dragino MS14 series.

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In this subsection we will discuss, with examples, the other file objects found within the filesystem. The list below serves as a reminder of these file objects: • • • • Device files (special files) FIFOs (named pipes) Unix domain sockets Symbolic links. 2 Device Files Device files are input/output interfaces to device drivers. Just like regular files, device files have directory entries and inodes but unlike regular files, devices are not allocated blocks on any disk (other than for their inode).

Block devices are typically file storage devices, for example hard disks or solid state devices. The command-line below shows examples of both types: $ stat -c’%N %F’ /dev/ttyS0 /dev/sda1 ’/dev/ttyS0’ character special file ’/dev/sda1’ block special file The /dev/ttyS0 device is the host serial port and is, therefore, a character device. The /dev/sda1 is a block device because it is a filesystem partition. Devices files also have major and minor numbers. The major number identifies the device driver type and the minor number specifies the instance of the device.

5 Process Management 23 Some signals cannot be ignored or caught. "’ INT ; sleep 300 ) Enter the CONTROL-C key sequence (generate SIGINT) and the signal handler invokes the signals disposition action: ˆCGOTCHA! 2 Job Control If a program is run as a foreground process, it takes control of the terminal. Control is returned to the shell when the foreground process terminates. Processes can be started in background (using the & operator), in which case, the shell retains control of the terminal and the user can issue commands while the background process runs.

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