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By G.R. Wilson (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0750650648

ISBN-13: 9780750650649

Content material:

, Pages xi-xii
Notation utilized in the text

, Page xiii
1 - Binary numbers

, Pages 3-11
2 - good judgment expressions

, Pages 12-32
3 - digital common sense circuits

, Pages 33-51
4 - computing device arithmetic

, Pages 52-67
5 - desktop design

, Pages 71-85
6 - guide set and code assembly

, Pages 86-99
7 - application structures

, Pages 100-124
8 - basic desktop circuits

, Pages 125-137
9 - enter and output ports

, Pages 138-147
10 - enter and output methods

, Pages 148-171
11 - extra devices

, Pages 172-184
12 - Assembler and linker tools

, Pages 185-195
13 - The keep an eye on unit

, Pages 196-211
14 - better computers

, Pages 215-224
15 - Cache memory

, Pages 225-234
16 - reminiscence management

, Pages 235-244
Appendix A - G80 guide set

, Pages 245-260
Appendix B - ASCII personality codes

, Page 261
Appendix C - the enter and output devices

, Pages 262-283
Appendix D - The GDS assembler and linker

, Pages 284-290

, Pages 291-294

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Sample text

This apparently strange representation simplifies the comparison of the exponents in two numbers during addition and subtraction of floating-point numbers. 1 Special quantities Let us look closely at the representation of zero. When we write the smallest magnitude by setting E = 0 and F = 0, the formula for single precision numbers gives ( - 1 ) ~ (1 + 0 ) x 2 0-127= + 1 x 2 -127, which is very small, but not exactly zero. However, the IEEE 754 standard defines the all 0s number as zero. This is not only logically pleasing but it also facilitates 6This is also called 'excess-127' format.

A + C . / B . A, what is the value of F? 8 Problems Given C = 1, B = 0 , and A = 1, and G = / C . / B . / A + / C . B . /A, what is the value of G? A. /A + / C . B . /A. 6, in which squares are the orchestra members that play strings AND wind? 6, in which squares are the orchestra members that play strings OR wind? 6, in which squares are the orchestra members that do NOT play strings AND play wind? 6, in which squares are the orchestra members that play strings OR percussion OR wind? 6, in which squares are the orchestra members that do NOT play strings AND do NOT play percussion AND do NOT play wind?

1 = X. We can regard Y as a signal that enables the AND gate. If Y = = 1, the gate is enabled and its output is the same as X; if Y = - 0, the gate is disabled and its output is 0 whatever the value of X. 8(b), each of the four AND gates is enabled by a signal from the decoder. Since only one of the decoder outputs is a logical 1, only one of the AND gates is enabled. The enabled AND gate passes its input, Xn, to its output and to the OR gate. All the other inputs to the OR gate are logical 0 so that Z is the same as the selected Xn input.

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