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Th e Calorie is also used , primaril y in hea t problem s an d to describ e th e energ y conten t of foodstuffs . Th e British thermal unit (BTU) is not a metri c unit , but it is frequentl y used (particularl y by engineers ) in energ y calculations . 4. 97 1 In th e following chapter s we will be discussin g th e variou s fuels tha t ar e in use today . It will be convenien t to hav e a list showin g th e energ y tha t can be derive d fro m thes e sources . 5. In each case th e energ y is given in metri c unit s for th e commo n uni t of measur e for th e fuel.

S. 3 X 1 0 kWh) . Thi s contributio n of hydroelectri c energ y to th e tota l electri c energ y in th e Unite d State s is quit e differen t fro m th e patter n foun d in some othe r countries . 8 percent . On th e othe r hand , Brazi l obtain s mor e tha n 80 percen t of her electri c energ y from hydroelectri c sources . In Japa n th e figur e is abou t 14 percen t and in th e Soviet Union it is abou t th e sam e as in th e Unite d State s (12 percent) . Th e maximu m possibl e hydropowe r capacit y of th e Unite d State s ha s been estimate d to be 300,000 MW e (compare d to 70,000 MW e alread y developed) .

10 10 56 4. SOURCE S O F ENERG Y Th e worldwid e hydropowe r resource s ar e estimate d to be abou t 10 time s tha t of th e Unite d States—abou t 3 million megawatt s (3 x 10 MWe) . 6 x 10 MW e or 12 percen t of th e maximu m capacit y ha d been tappe d by 1980 (compare d to abou t 23 percen t in th e Unite d States) . Th e area s with th e larges t potentia l ar e th e relativel y undevelope d continents—Africa , with 780,000 MWe , and Sout h America , with 577,000 MWe . 6. It seems possibl e tha t a develope d capacit y of 10 MW e could be achieve d by th e year 2000.

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