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In the United States, however, many people seek such locations by choice. They want to live along the Gulf or Atlantic coast because of the scenery and other amenities of a coastal location. They do this knowing that a hurricane can strike at any time during the storm season. Property and lives are placed in jeopardy even though people are aware of the risk. Climate Change Climate change—particularly the threat posed by “global warming”—is a cause of major concern for many people, businesses, and governments.

Like a seesaw, it goes up and down—warmer and colder, wetter and drier. Earth’s atmosphere is incredibly complex. Many factors combine to influence its conditions and changes. Throughout human history, people have adapted to change. Certainly we shall continue to do so whether Earth is now warming or—as recent drops in temperatures suggest—is entering another long cold spell. ” In this chapter, we will investigate the “stony” part of Earth’s surface, its land features and soils, which combined form the lithosphere.

The next time you take a road trip, notice places where earth was either cut away or filled in to create a relatively smooth roadway. Human Adaptation to Land Resources It may seem strange to think of land as a natural resource. After all, it is not like oil, iron ore, coal, or timber. Yet we use land and it has value to us; therefore, it is a resource. Think for a moment about the area in which you live. Are most farms, transportation routes, and communities on relatively flat land? Are there rugged uplands in your area?

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