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On reflection, the 1st version of this booklet now appears like an insignificant cartoon for a booklet. the current model is, if no longer the ultimate product, no less than a better approximation to it. The desk of contents may possibly exhibit little switch. yet that's just because the unique association of the cloth has been discovered passable. additionally the fundamental objective of the booklet continues to be a similar, and that's to make relativity come alive conceptually. i've got constantly felt a lot sym­ pathy with Richard Courant's maxim (as pronounced and exemplified by means of Pascual Jordan) that, preferably, proofs can be reached via comprehension instead of computation. the place computations are valuable, i've got attempted to lead them to as obvious as attainable, in order to not prevent the growth of comprehension. one of the extra visible alterations, this version incorporates a new part on Kruskal house, one other at the airplane gravitational wave, and a 3rd on linearized basic relativity; it additionally includes many new workouts, and appendices: one directory the curvature elements for the diagonal metric (in a bit extra generality than the previous" Dingle formulation "), and one syn­ thesizing Maxwell's thought in tensor shape. however the most vital alterations and additions have happened through the textual content. Many sections were thoroughly rewritten, many arguments tightened, many "asides" further, and, in fact, fresh advancements taken under consideration.

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For example, if two identical spheres spin at identical rates in their respective LIF's, one (say, A) in tenuous outer space and the other (B) near a heavy mass, should not B bulge more, since by Mach's principle its inertia might be expected to be greater? And would not this contradict the EP? There is a way out: time actually runs more slowly near heavy masses (itself a consequence of the EP, as we shall see in Section 70), and thus A will see B rotate more slowly than itself. But since it sees B bulge as much as itself, it concludes that B has more inertia.

The acceleration of the particle relative to the cabin is a - g and thus the force relative to the cabin is (a - g)mt. This equals the nongravitational force f - f G ijm t = mG; hence Newton's second law (incIuding the first) holds in the cabin. And the same is true of the third law. Einstein, in his EP, assumed once again that the rest of physics goes along with mechanics. ) lustification for the EP is discussed in Section 20. According to Einstein, then, a freely falling laboratory, even near a strongly gravitating mass, is fully equivalent to a laboratory floating motionlessly relative to the fixed stars out in space.

It is the task of SR to review all existing laws of physies, and to subjeet them to the test ofthe RP with the help of the LT's. Any law found to be laeking must be modified aeeordingly. These modifieations, though highly signifieant in many modern applieations, are negligible in most classical eireumstanees, whieh explains why they were not diseovered earlier. We shall show at the end of this ehapter that the RP by itself (together with eertain "reasonable" assumptions) is eonsistent with only two possible transformations and no others: the GT and the LT.

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