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By Walter Greiner (auth.), Walter Greiner (eds.)

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Nuclear physics is a thrilling, widely faceted box. It spans a variety of themes, attaining from nuclear constitution physics to high-energy physics, astrophysics and scientific physics (heavy ion tumor therapy). New advancements are offered during this quantity and the
status of analysis is reviewed. an incredible concentration is wear nuclear constitution physics, facing superheavy components and with a number of varieties of unique nuclei: unusual nuclei, very neutron wealthy nuclei, nuclei of antimatter. additionally quantum electrodynamics of sturdy fields is addressed, that is associated with the incidence of big nuclear platforms in, e.g., U+U collisions. At excessive energies nuclear physics joins with user-friendly particle physics. a number of chapters deal with the idea of
elementary topic at excessive densities and temperature, particularly the quark gluon plasma that's estimated by means of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) to happen in high-energy heavy ion collisions. within the box of nuclear
astrophysics, the homes of neutron stars and quark stars are mentioned. a subject which transcends nuclear physics is mentioned in chapters: The proposed pseudo-complex extension of Einstein's normal Relativity ends up in the prediction that there are not any black
holes and that giant bang cosmology needs to be revised. ultimately, the interdisciplinary nature of this quantity is additional accentuated via chapters on protein folding and on magnetoreception in birds and plenty of different animals.

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Theoretical calculations show that the heaviest elements decay by α emission. 81 MeV and decays with a half-life of 890 µs [7]. In the region of interest, β decay and spontaneous fission are predicted to have significantly longer half-lives. This result is in agreement with the measured α-decay chains which end by spontaneous fission only at copernicium or below. Whereas fission barriers and deduced fission half-lives are difficult to calculate, the access to Q α values as difference of masses of neighbouring nuclei and deduced partial α half-lives is easier.

1 Introduction and Status of Experiments For the synthesis of heavy and superheavy nuclei (SHN) fusion-evaporation reactions are used. Two approaches have been successfully employed. Firstly, reactions of a medium mass ion beam impinging on targets of stable lead and bismuth isotopes (cold fusion). These reactions have been successfully applied for producing elements up to Z = 112 at the GSI SHIP [1] and to confirm the results of these experiments at RIKEN [2] and LBNL [3]. Recently, a number of neutron deficient odd element isotopes were produced in a combination with 208 Pb targets and odd element projectiles at LBNL [4, 5].

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