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By Mark Dery

ISBN-10: 0822315319

ISBN-13: 9780822315315

"Flame Wars," the verbal firefights that occur among disembodied warring parties on digital bulletin forums, remind us that our interplay with the area is more and more mediated via desktops. Bit by means of electronic bit we're being "Borged," as devotees of Star Trek: the following Generation might have it—transformed into cyborgian hybrids of expertise and biology via our ever extra widespread interplay with machines, or with each other via technological interfaces.
The subcultural practices of the "incurably informed," to borrow the cyberpunk novelist Pat Cadigan’s coinage, supply a precognitive glimpse of mainstream tradition within the close to destiny, while many folks might be part-time citizens in digital groups. but, because the essays during this improved variation of a distinct factor of the South Atlantic Quarterly verify, there's extra to fringe computing device tradition than our on-line world. inside those pages, readers will come across flame warriors; new age mutant ninja hackers; technopagans for whom the pc is an occult engine; and William Gibson’s "Agrippa," a brief tale on software program that may basically be learn as soon as since it gobbles itself up once the final web page is reached. the following, too, is girl El, an African American cleansing girl reincarnated as an omnipotent cyborg; devotees of online swinging, or "compu-sex"; the teleoperated weaponry and amok robots of the mechanical functionality paintings workforce, Survival examine Laboratories; an interview with Samuel Delany, and more.
Rallying round Fredric Jameson’s demand a cognitive cartography that "seeks to endow the person topic with a few new heightened feel of position within the worldwide system," the members to Flame Wars have sketched a nook of that map, an overview for a wiring diagram of a terminally stressed out world.

Contributors. Anne Balsamo, Gareth Branwyn, Scott Bukatman, Pat Cadigan, Gary Chapman, Erik Davis, Manuel De Landa, Mark Dery, Julian Dibbell, Marc Laidlaw, Mark Pauline, Peter Schwenger, Vivian Sobchack, Claudia Springer

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