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By Linda Lael Miller

ISBN-10: 0425144569

ISBN-13: 9780425144565

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Your brother is neither ill nor injured," she said. " "He's my half brother," Calder stressed, smiling. "William is a mean-spirited little jellyfish, quite deserving of whatever ill fate might befall him, but tonight I actually pity him. He has met you, only to forget the experience in the next instant. " Maeve remembered the reason for her mission, and the smile faded from her lips. " She had not expected him to balk—Maeve was used to getting her own way—but Calder did resist, however gently.

She shook her head. " She looked away again, then forced herself to meet Calder's tender but steady gaze. "Vampires mate—even physically sometimes—but most often their lovemaking is mental. " Calder reached out and traced the outline of her jaw with one curved finger. "If that kiss was anything to go by, my love, you'll have no trouble responding. " She felt the unvampirelike tears spring to her eyes even before they blurred her vision. "Yes—Calder, I'm far stronger than you are, simply because of what I am.

You are powerful," she said. " Maeve leaned forward slightly. " Dimity folded her hands gracefully in her lap, and the candlelight flickered and danced in her fair hair. "I am acquainted with certain angels," she said after a few moments of deliberate silence. " Maeve was not surprised, but she felt a tremor of terror all the same. " she asked, although she knew the answer. Dimity nodded. Maeve thought frantically of Calder in this century and Aidan in the next. Even she, with all her gifts and powers, could not be in two places at once and protect both of them at the same time.

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