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This is often the 1st special account of a brand new method of microphysics in accordance with top rules: that the specific dependence of actual legislation on scale encountered in quantum physics, is the manifestation of a primary precept of nature, specifically, scale relativity (this generalizes Einstein's precept of (motion) relativity to scale transformations); and that the mathematical success of this precept wishes the advent of a nondifferentiable space-time various with answer, i.e. characterised through its fractal houses. the writer discusses intimately reactualization of the main of relativity and its software to scale differences, actual legislation that are explicitly scale based, and fractals as a brand new geometric description of space-time.

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48 -50 In the renormalization group approach, one writes differential equations describing the infinitesimal variation of physical quantities (fields, couplings) under an infinitesimal variation of scale. The renormalization group will play a leading part in our approach. We shall indeed demonstrate that the renormalization group equations (i) can be interpreted as the simplest lowest order differential equations describing the measure on fractal geometry; (ii) are for scale laws the equivalent of Galileo's group for motion laws.

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