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By Joram Lindenstrauss

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This publication makes an important inroad into the abruptly tough query of life of Frchet derivatives of Lipschitz maps of Banach areas into greater dimensional areas. as the query seems to be heavily with regards to porous units in Banach areas, it offers a bridge among descriptive set thought and the classical subject of life of derivatives of vector-valued Lipschitz capabilities. the subject is appropriate to classical research and descriptive set thought on Banach areas. The ebook opens numerous new learn instructions during this region of geometric nonlinear practical research. the hot equipment constructed the following comprise a online game method of perturbational variational ideas that's of self reliant curiosity. targeted clarification of the underlying principles and motivation at the back of the proofs of the recent effects on Frchet differentiability of vector-valued features may still make those arguments obtainable to a much wider viewers. an important unique case of the differentiability effects, that Lipschitz mappings from a Hilbert area into the aircraft have issues of Frchet differentiability, is given its personal bankruptcy with an explanation that's autonomous of a lot of the paintings performed to turn out extra basic effects. The publication increases numerous open questions referring to its major themes.

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These proofs are still not easy, even though easier proofs than the original one have been given in [27] and [29]. The proof we present in Chapter 12 is also not easy, but here some of the difficulty arises because we are proving a new, more general result. 3 how simple the proof of just almost Fr´echet differentiability of real-valued Lipschitz functions may be. For vector-valued maps, however, this is much harder. The first result [26] proved almost Fr´echet differentiability of Lipschitz maps of superreflexive spaces into finite dimensional spaces.

The intersection of countably many rich families is a rich family. Proof. The requirement (i) of the definition is obvious. To show (ii), let (Rn ) be a sequence of rich families and Y a separable subspace of X. Let (ni ) be a sequence of natural numbers in which each number occurs infinitely often. Denote R0 = Y and for k = 1, 2, . . use the property (i) recursively to choose Rk ∈ Rnk such that ∞ Rk ⊃ Rk−1 . Observing that the subspace R := k=1 Rk satisfies, for each n, R= {Rk | nk = n, k ∈ N}, we infer from the property (i) of Rn that R ∈ Rn .

M 6mn 3m 6 3m = On the other hand, we have already found that z − x ≤ that f is 2n-Lipschitz we get |f (x + y) − f (z)| ≤ 2n x + y − z ≤ This contradiction finishes the proof. 7 6 y < 2ε, and so using y . 4 31 POROSITY AND NONDIFFERENTIABILITY We first point out another important, although obvious, connection between porous sets and Fr´echet differentiability. 1. If E is a porous set in a Banach space X, then the distance function f (x) := dist(x, E) is nowhere Fr´echet differentiable on E. Proof.

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