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By Bruno Leoni

Those who price person freedom should still reconsider where of the person in the criminal approach as an entire. it's now not a question of shielding this or that individual freedom. . . . it's a query of determining no matter if person freedom is appropriate in precept with the current process situated on . . . legislation.

—Bruno Leoni, from the introduction

The maximum quandary to rule of legislations in our time, contends the writer of this thought-provoking paintings, is the matter of overlegislation. In sleek democratic societies, legislative our bodies are more and more usurping features that have been and will be exercised by means of participants or teams instead of govt. the result's an unwieldy surfeit of legislation and laws that by means of their sheer quantity stifle person freedom.

Bruno Leoni (1913–1967) was once an legal professional and Professor of criminal idea and the speculation of the nation on the collage of Pavia, Italy.

Arthur Kemp is Professor Emeritus of Economics, at Claremont McKenna College.

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It would be an abuse of words to say that ? recordID=0124 Page 32 of 168 Leoni_0124 09/15/2005 09:51 AM obey rulers. constraint,? it would be an abuse of words to say that ? constraint? is freedom. constraint? is something very closely connected with freedom is at least as old as the history of political theories in the Western world. free from? free? to constrain him in some way. free? if he can constrain in some way other people to refrain from constraining him in some respect. freedom? constraint?

According to Professor Hayek,[25] the certainty of the law is probably the most important requirement for the economic activities of society and has contributed much to the greater prosperity of the Western world as compared with the Orient, where the certainty of the law was not so early achieved. certainty? properly means when referred to the law. the rule of law,? although neither Dicey nor Professor Hayek nor, for that matter, most other scholars enter very much into this matter. the certainty of the law?

Freedom.? Stipulative definitions may appear to be, on the surface, a solution to the problem. Stipulating seems to depend entirely on us or at most also on a partner who agrees with us about what we want to define. When the adherents of the linguistic school speak of stipulative definitions, they emphasize the arbitrariness of such formulations. at least not an official one. This oft-quoted gentleman is Lewis Carroll, the brilliant author of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, who describes the impossible and sophisticated characters met by Alice during her travels.

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