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By Sean B. Carroll

ISBN-10: 0452296544

ISBN-13: 9780452296541

"An available and interesting exploration of the mysteries of time."
-Brian Greene, writer of The dependent Universe

two decades in the past, Stephen Hawking attempted to provide an explanation for time by means of realizing the massive Bang. Now, Sean Carroll says we have to be extra formidable. one of many top theoretical physicists of his iteration, Carroll offers a stunning and paradigm-shifting thought of time's arrow that embraces matters from entropy to quantum mechanics to time shuttle to details concept and the that means of lifestyles.

From Eternity to Here is not any lower than your next step towards knowing how we got here to exist, and a superbly approachable learn that would entice a vast viewers of armchair physicists, and an individual who ponders the character of our world.

(uploader's reviews: gripping, attention-grabbing learn. i can't suggest it adequate. in the event you like Infinity and the brain, Hawking, or Brian Greene, you will adore Carroll's exploration of the quintessence of time.)

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Time is what clocks measure. 3. Time is a medium through which we move. Time is the agent of change. We move through it, or—equivalently—time flows past us, from the past, through the present, toward the future. At first glance, these all sound somewhat similar. Time labels moments, it measures duration, and it moves from past to future—sure, nothing controversial about any of that. But as we dig more deeply, we’ll see how these ideas don’t need to be related to one another—they represent logically independent concepts that happen to be tightly intertwined in our actual world.

If time is what clocks measure, and every clock were to “slow down” by the same amount, it would have absolutely no effect at all. Telling time is about synchronized repetition, and as long as the rate of one oscillation is the same relative to some other oscillation, all is well. As human beings we feel the passage of time. That’s because there are periodic processes occurring within our own metabolism—breaths, heartbeats, electrical pulses, digestion, rhythms of the central nervous system. We are a complicated, interconnected collection of clocks.

I am astounded that physicists in the audience always listen politely to such nonsense. Afterwards, I had dinner with some graduate students who readily understood my objections, but Carroll remained adamant. I hope he reads this book. Many dramatic-sounding statements are contained herein, but I’m going to be as careful as possible to distinguish among three different types: (1) remarkable features of modern physics that sound astonishing but are nevertheless universally accepted as true; (2) sweeping claims that are not necessarily accepted by many working physicists but that should be, as there is no question they are correct; and (3) speculative ideas beyond the comfort zone of contemporary scientific state of the art.

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