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By Kent Greenawalt

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Containing essays released in numerous journals, this booklet covers various themes, significantly political philosophy, criminal philosophy, criteria of criminal interpretation, good criminal methods to felony legislation, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

summary: Containing essays released in a number of journals, this e-book covers various subject matters, particularly political philosophy, criminal philosophy, criteria of criminal interpretation, brilliant felony techniques to felony legislation, freedom of speech, and freedom of faith

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Historically, ideas of liberal democracy have arisen out of struggles over religion, and someone who thinks about acceptance of liberal democracy will have ideas about religious liberty and relations between government and religious institutions. A religious person who accepts liberal democracy will believe that the treatment of religion within liberal democracy fits with his religious or other comprehensive views. One sort of discussion about constitutional essentials concerns debate over just what religious freedom entails and what should be the limits of involvement of government and religious groups.

If they placed an explicit religious grounding in a statute’s preamble, that might constitute a promotion of religion forbidden under the Establishment Clause. Members of Congress typically do not make religious arguments on the floor of Congress or before their constituents. There is, however, no On Religion and Politics in Liberal Democracies 41 accepted understanding that when they develop positions, they should give no weight to their own religious convictions, or to those of constituents. I believe legislators should give greater weight to reasons that are generally available than to reasons they understand are not generally available.

A Christian will not be able to rely on special religious sources of insight, such as the Bible and the teachings of the church; but a greatest-​happiness utilitarian suffers no such deprivation. The reason why this is so is that the utilitarian thinks the desirability of any institution, law, or policy comes down to whether it promotes human happiness. Everyone thinks human happiness is better than misery, so any argument that a proposed law will promote human happiness falls within the realm of public reasons.

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