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By Simon Gindikin, James Lepowsky, Robert Wilson

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A four-day convention, "Functional research at the Eve of the Twenty­ First Century," was once held at Rutgers collage, New Brunswick, New Jersey, from October 24 to 27, 1993, in honor of the 80th birthday of Professor Israel Moiseyevich Gelfand. He was once born in Krasnye Okna, close to Odessa, on September 2, 1913. Israel Gelfand has performed an important function within the improvement of practical research over the last half-century. His paintings and his philosophy have in truth helped to form our realizing of the time period "functional research" itself, as has the distinguished magazine sensible research and Its functions, which he edited for a few years. sensible research seemed initially of the century within the vintage papers of Hilbert on fundamental operators. Its an important point was once the geometric interpretation of households of capabilities as infinite-dimensional areas, and of op­ erators (particularly differential and vital operators) as infinite-dimensional analogues of matrices, without delay resulting in the geometrization of spectral idea. This view of useful research as infinite-dimensional geometry organically integrated many aspects of nineteenth-century classical research, corresponding to energy sequence, Fourier sequence and integrals, and different necessary transforms

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