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Mises in the USA

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Blair and Clinton, don’t put us on. 5 trillion federal budget, its initial deficit at $333 billion, its politics, its blatant amorality (Bastiat’s “legal plunder”)—drags on, bloats, a Frankensteinian monster running amok. Why? In a word, vice. ” No wonder that in 1956, or 49 years ago, Mises felt pushed to publish a book, The AntiCapitalistic Mentality. But today anti-capitalism is more rife than ever. A. Hayek, Mises’s pupil, felt a duty to publish, in 1988, or 32 years later, a book on the lines of The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality.

Sharpening the Student Mind—and Yours 49 Modesty may be needed here. S. ” For just what ways and means can we marshal to spur ourselves to learn to think sharper still? Let me then spot Spur No. One of ten overlapping mind spurs covered here as that of a Self-Thinker, a key role, a self-aimer at a mind focused, concerned, involved—anything but scattered. So our mission here is to seek to prod our respective mind-expansion and mind-creativity activities, so to lift each one’s overall alertness, ability, person-career progress, and sense of general wellbeing and satisfaction.

Now, background on these ten mind spurs, those loaded opening questions on why Sammy, you and I run. No surprise, it’s self-interest, and so this a how-to overview of how to put it into play more effectively. Ponder. Your mind awake directly/indirectly targets on and so reflects self-interest, meaning self-survival, self-direction—if imperfectly. ” True, that was a strained self-interest, Dear Reader, perhaps explaining its so-so reputation by many today who misjudge it as but naked greed or selfishness, even if such stances can and do occur.

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