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By Jaffer Ali

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A ebook of hard-hitting essays approximately one of many severe international conflicts of our time. Writes writer Jaffer Ali: "The Palestinian fight is really a human person who transcends Palestine. . . there is not any longer a spot for Zionism within the twenty first Century. . . so long as there's any country within the center East that defines citizenship by means of racial, ethnic or spiritual categorization, there'll by no means be an enduring peace. "If the preferred will have been expressed in all the oil regimes, it really is most likely that oil and gasoline will be used as a weapon to discourage US army may possibly. at least, those assets will be applied for the improvement of the region's economic system. almost immediately the mixed GNP of twenty-two Arab international locations equals that of Spain, even if over 1/2 the entire world's oil sits in quite a few deserts. The oil could benefit a handful of leaders and their prolonged households, yet over eighty five% of the quarter lives below the poverty line.

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Most people feel that Israelis and Palestinians are equally to blame for the ongoing violence in the region. This parity is a dramatic shift in perception, and is not by accident. It actually serves a latent US desire to switch horses. Israel has illegally Occupied the West Bank and Gaza since 1967. Only now is the word “Occupation” routinely used. In fact, in 1990 I worked for a company distributing a video called Israel’s Shattered Dreams and the New York PR agency hired to promote the video refused to use the word “Occupation” in the press release.

It is impossible for the oil regime leaders to ignore the new dynamic in the region. Even though they are dictators and monarchies, they still need a minimum of support from the streets or else their fate will be similar to that of the once Why Is Israel So Scared? 39 powerful Shah of Iran. Revolution is not conducive to a steady and stable flow of oil to the US. ’” The shift is happening before our eyes. This is why Israel is so scared. 15 The Moral Question: An Israeli Reckoning (05/31/01) The uprising against Israeli Occupation has fundamentally changed the nature of Middle East discourse in the United States.

But the mind of the Occupier pays little attention to such sensibilities. They “let” me in, after a strip search and X-raying my shoes. Ahmed was not so lucky. He was denied entry and I never found out what happened to him. That was almost twenty-three years ago and I yearn to visit today more than ever. But the agony of Occupation is ever present, casting its ever ominous shadow. Keeping family The Torment of Occupation 35 members from each other is just one of the torments of Occupation. One does not need to look far for the torment.

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