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By Michael E. Taylor

ISBN-10: 0691082820

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For the prior 25 years the speculation of pseudodifferential operators has performed an enormous position in lots of intriguing and deep investigations into linear PDE. over the last decade, this instrument has additionally began to yield fascinating ends up in nonlinear PDE. This ebook is dedicated to a precis and reconsideration of a few used of pseudodifferential operator innovations in nonlinear PDE. The ebook will be of curiosity to graduate scholars, teachers, and researchers drawn to partial differential equations, nonlinear research in classical mathematical physics and differential geometry, and in harmonic analysis.

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P We give a brief account of the Besov spaces B~(M) in Chapter XI; one characterization of B~(M) involves the real interpolation method: B~(M) = [U(M), W~(M)]e,p, s = ()k < k. See in particular Bergh and Lofstrom [1]. More generally, B~(Q) is defined, s > 0. In much of the literature of Sobolev spaces, one sees the spaces W~(Q). For s = k, a nonnegative integer, they are the spaces W~(Q) = £'~(Q) discussed here. However, if s > 0 is not an integer, W~(Q) =I= £'~(Q); rather, W~(Q) is isomorphic to the Besov space B~(Q) when s is not an integer (but not when s is an integer).

They have more precise results on regularity of u than the proof here will provide. 1) with u E Lf00 , and p<">(D)u E Lf00 , where PM(~)= D~Pm. The following proof of local solvability was worked out by the author and Jiri Dadok. 2) P(D + rt)v = g, nearO 34 I: DISTRIBUTIONS with v = i" · xu, g = e;" · xf. 2) near 0, we can cut g off to be supported near O and work on T" = R"/Z". 2) is certainly locally solvable, given the following result. 1. For almost all a EA = {(ai, ... &'(T") is an isomorphism, as is P(D +a): C 00 (T") ---+ C"'(T").

7) has finite integral, giving u E Hs(Rn). Meanwhile I 0, H5(Rn) = ~( (1 - ~)51 2 ), the domain of the unbounded self2. adjoint operator (1 Also note that H-·(Rn) is the dual to H5(Rn). ~t §4. The Complex Interpolation Method It turns out that, for example, if T:Hm(Rn)--+ Hm(Rn) and T:Hµ(Rn)--+ Hµ(Rn), then T:H5(Rn)--+ H·(Rn), for all s between m and µ.

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