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By John Holloway, Sol Picciotto (eds.)

ISBN-10: 071315988X

ISBN-13: 9780713159882

1 advent: in the direction of a Materialist concept of the State
John Holloway and Sol Picciotto
2 The ‘Welfare-State phantasm’ and the Contradiction among salary Labour and Capital
Wolfgang Müller and Christel Neusüss
3 a few difficulties of kingdom Interventionism
Elmar Altvater
4 a few reviews on F lato w and Huisken’s Essay ‘On the matter of thè Derivation of the Bourgeois State’
Helmut Reichelt
5 The kingdom gear and Social copy: components of a idea of the Bourgeois State
Joachim Hirsch
6 at the present Marxist dialogue at the research of shape and serve as of the Bourgeois State
Bernhard Blanke, Ulrich Jürgens, Hans Kastendiek
7 category clash, pageant and country Functions
Heide Gerstenberger
8 at the research of the Bourgeois country nation in the international marketplace Context
Claudia von Braunmühl

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22 Instead of moving forward by elaborating the actual historical struggles which have mediated and formulated the development of the contradictions of the capital relation, there has been a tem ptation to short-circuit this process by using the political categories of Marxist political theorists such as Gramsci and Poulantzas. With­ o u t wishing to belittle the value of the work of these theorists, it seems to us, however, th at their analyses cannot simply be ‘grafted on’ to the state derivation approach, but would need very careful re-working in the light of the theoretical advances made.

There is perhaps a subtle shift from arguing that accumulation must be seen as a form-determined and crisisridden process of class struggle (and hence that class struggle must be seen as being focused on and formed by the struggle to accumulate) to suggesting that the relation between accumulation and state activity must be seen as being mediated through class struggle. Subtle though the shift may be, the consequences may be marked: whereas the former emphasis would lead on to an analysis of the separation and inter-relation of the economic and the political in the concrete processes of struggle to restructure capital, the latter emphasis is liable to suggest the need for the analysis of the (political) ‘missing link’ between the (economic) process of accumulation and the activity of the state.

Hence it is also not suitable for the use often made of it as an introduction to ‘th e’ Marxist theory of the state). g. in the standardization of the elements of production), etc. ' Revisionism is the form in which the class enemy entrenches itself within the workers’ movement itself, in which the ideology of the ruling class is pro­ pagated as the ruling ideology of the working class. This propagation is naturally not ‘by means of a mere idea’, but results from actual experiences, which are the common background to both revisionist theories and also the false consciousness of the worker.

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