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By Hideo Nitta, Keita Takatsu, Masafumi Yamamoto

ISBN-10: 1593272723

ISBN-13: 9781593272722

Everything's long gone screwy at Tagai Academy. whilst the headmaster forces Minagi's whole category to check Einstein's conception of relativity over summer season tuition, Minagi volunteers to move of their position. There's only one challenge: He's by no means even heard of relativity prior to! fortunately, Minagi has the plucky omit Uraga to coach him.

Follow besides The Manga consultant to Relativity as Minagi learns concerning the non-intuitive legislation that form our universe. ahead of you recognize it, you'll grasp tricky thoughts like inertial frames of reference, unified spacetime, and the equivalence precept. You'll see how relativity impacts glossy astronomy and become aware of why GPS structures and different daily applied sciences depend upon Einstein's awesome discovery.

The Manga advisor to Relativity additionally teaches you the way to:

Understand and use E = mc2, the world's most renowned equation
Calculate the consequences of time dilation utilizing the Pythagorean theorem
Understand vintage inspiration experiments just like the dual Paradox, and spot why size contracts and mass raises at relativistic speeds
Grasp the underpinnings of Einstein's particular and basic theories of relativity
If the assumption of bending area and time quite warps your mind, enable The Manga consultant to Relativity straighten issues out.

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