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By Noam Chomsky

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A impressive, shattering, and convincing account of United States-backed suppression of political and human rights in Latin the USA, Asia, and Africa and the position of the media in misreporting those policies

The Washington Connection and 3rd international Fascism relentlessly dissects the respectable perspectives of multinational students and their journals. The "best and brightest" pundits of the established order emerge from this e-book completely denuded in their credibility.

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Heavily armed by the West (mainly the United States) and selected for amenability to foreign domination and zealous anti-Communism, counterrevolutionary regimes have been highly torture- and bloodshed-prone. In the Soviet sphere of influence, torture appears to have been on the decline since the death of Stalin. In its 1974 Report on Torture, Amnesty International (AI) notes: Though prison conditions and the rights of the prisoners detained on political charges in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union may still be in many cases unsatisfactory, torture as a government-sanctioned, Stalinist practice has ceased.

37 The number of officially acknowledged executions of political prisoners in the three years prior to 1977 was some 300; and estimates of the total number of political prisoners run from 25,000 to 100,000. They are not well-treated. highest rate of death penalties in the world, no valid system of civilian courts and a history of torture which is beyond belief. S. interests throughout the crucial oil-producing regions of the Middle East. When the Iranian people rose in an astonishing and completely unexpected demonstration of mass popular opposition to the terror and corruption of the Shah, the Free Press obediently described this bloody tyrant as a great “liberalizer” who was attempting to bring to his backward country the benefits of modernization, opposed by religious fanatics and left-wing students.

In brief, an earlier version was published by a small but successful publisher, owned by a major conglomerate. An executive of the conglomerate was offended by its contents, and in order to prevent its appearance shut down the publisher, effectively destroying all its stock. S. saw no problem in these actions, presumably because control of expression by concentrated private power, as distinct from the state, is considered not only legitimate but even an exercise of “freedom,” in a perverse sense of “freedom” that finds a natural place in the prevailing radically anti-libertarian ideology (often called “liberal” or even “libertarian,” a matter that will not surprise readers of Orwell).

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