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By Yair Sharan, Abraham Tal, Harry Coccossis

ISBN-10: 1402063040

ISBN-13: 9781402063046

ISBN-10: 1402063059

ISBN-13: 9781402063053

This booklet displays the result of a 3 day NATO complex Workshop entitled "Supply of Water to towns in Emergency Situations." a few 35 specialists from 14 international locations from Europe, the center East and Asia assembled in Tel-Aviv for this occasion. It illuminates a vast spectrum of difficulties and matters to the orderly water provide starting from floods to an incredibly low trouble on the topic of intentional terror-related threats.

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The main threats putting water in jeopardy include environmental pollution and contamination, overconsumption of available reserves, droughts, floods, and other natural hazards, which affect both quality and quantity of available resources. To these, one can add technological hazards, such as power loss of processing units, operational failure, or even intentional sabotage. The advances in technology and forecasting, the establishment of appropriate regulation and innovative measures, have greatly contributed towards the protection of resources, while being important for strategic management.

The loss of control of the remotely controlled valves is the most damaging because they involve a significant lowering of security norms (the reaction time would be much too long) and the impossibility of regulating water pressure. In such a case, it will be necessary to leave the remotely controlled valves in the open position. A flood similar to that of 1910 would submerge 18 local stations (four of which are in plants) out of 150 and render them unusable for remote control. The number may be higher, however, if other local stations, which are not under water find themselves cutoff from the EDF and France Telecom networks (electricity and communications).

5. Develop a proven technique to detect chemical and biological agents in water. 6. Develop methods to quickly determine contaminant introduction locations. 7. Develop a training package for water utility personnel based on vulnerability assessment results and developed methodologies and devices. 6. Concluding Remarks Most of the present operating water systems were not built with the aim of coping with terror or other security threats. As a result, those systems are now vulnerable to the dangers imposed by the present situation embodied by the various threats as identified above.

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