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By Stevie Henderson

ISBN-10: 0806902930

ISBN-13: 9780806902937

A suite of domestic and backyard furnishings initiatives, which name just for using reasonably cheap, commonplace 2" X 4" lumber, universal instruments and easy concepts. The designs variety from conventional to modern.

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A detachable fence can be mounted beneath the base to provide the router with its own adjustable guide, and the spring-loaded plunging action of the body may be pre-set against a scaled depth-stop so that the cutter is accurately controlled both laterally and vertically. CARING FOR TOOLS The most effective way of looking after all your woodworking tools is to store them away safely when they are not in use, rather than leave them lying around on the worktop. If your workplace is in the garage or garden shed where the atmosphere is likely to be damp, you can safeguard all steel surfaces from rust by giving them a regular rub over with a soft cloth soaked in light oil.

If the handgrip is slackened off, the blade can be rotated about its axis within the frame to set it at any desired angle. The extent to which it can cut the wood, however, is always determined by the saw’s frame. Electric Jigsaw In its most common form, this is a hand-held power tool in which the saw blade oscillates up and down at very high speed to provide a fast and highly manoeuvrable means of cutting. Various blades may be fitted, ranging from fine to coarse. The more expensive models of jigsaw have a variable-speed cutting action, governed by the amount of finger pressure exerted on the switch.

For those who already possess a well equipped workshop full of power tools, it clearly makes sense to put these to full use, but this does not mean that you cannot achieve excellent results without them. There are, naturally, a number of tools that must be considered essential if you are to produce top quality results. If you do not already own any of these, you must be prepared to purchase most, if not all, of the hand tools listed below. The power tools are desirable – though not essential – but you will find that many DIY stores have a range of these tools that are not exceptionally expensive and could prove a worthwhile investment, provided you take care with them.

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