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By Stefano Basagni; et al

ISBN-10: 0471373133

ISBN-13: 9780471373131

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Misbehaving nodes and unreliable links can have a severe impact on overall network performance. Lack of centralized monitoring and management points means these types of misbehaviors cannot be detected and isolated quickly and easily, adding significant complexity to protocol design. 8. Network Security. Mobile wireless networks are generally more vulnerable to information and physical security threats than fixed-wireline networks. The use of open and shared broadcast wireless channels means nodes with inadequate physical protection are prone to security threats.

TECHNICAL CHALLENGES AND RESEARCH OVERVIEW 31 to a broken-line pattern, standing at each vertex for a model-defined pause time (p). Specifically, each node picks a random destination in the rectangular area, samples a speed value according to a uniform distribution in the range (0, vmax], and then travels to the destination along a straight line. Once the node arrives at its destination, it pauses for a time p, then chooses (draws) another destination and continues onward. The pause time and the maximum speed, v, are mobility parameters.

If the required resource is unavailable, the flow will be degraded to best-effort service. QoS reports are sent to the source node periodically to report network topology change as well as QoS statistics results such as loss rate, delay, and throughput etc. Other QoS signaling protocols proposed for MANET include dynamic RSVP (dRSVP) [145]. QoS routing helps establish the route for successful resource reservation by QoS signaling in MANETs [132]. This is a difficult task. In order to make an optimal routing decision, QoS routing requires constant updates on link state information such as delay, bandwidth, cost, loss rate, and error rate to make policy decisions, resulting in large amounts of control overhead, which can be prohibitive for a bandwidth-constrained ad hoc environment.

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