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By G. F. Rossi (auth.), Professor Jan Gybels, Professor Edward R. Hitchcock, Priv.-Doz. Christoph Ostertag, Professor Gian Franco Rossi, Professor Jean Siegfried, Professor Gabor Szikla (eds.)

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Local interstitial radiation remedy of intrinsic and inaccessible mind tumors is faced with significant difficulties: 1. The tolerance of ordinary mind tissue, that is frequently keen on neighborhood tumor irradiation, i.e. perifocal white subject edema and demyelinating results, is essential. 2. information on radiation results of implanted radioactive resources on neoplastic tissue, i.e. information at the radiosensitivity and at the biology of tumors, are nonetheless extensively unavailable. In medical perform the dose with which to accomplish a given quantity of tumor necrosis is approximately predicted. This file bargains with the experimental findings of Iodine-125 and Iridium-I92 everlasting implants in fit and neoplastic mind tissue. Our personal experimental findings are correlated with experimental facts on Yttnul11-l)O irradiation from the literature. The learn is directed to assemble information at the tolerance non-tumoral mind tissue and to aim to set up a dose-response dating. Morphologic adjustments within the puppy mind Following Interstitial Iodine-125 Irradiation Iodine-I25 seeds (manufactured through three M corporation, St. Paul, M. N.) with an job of 3.55 mCi have been completely implanted less than stereotactic stipulations into the subcortical white subject of the gyrus coronalis of the left hemisphere in 6 beagle canine. One animal with a non-radioactive seed implanted below related operative stipulations served as a regulate. The animals have been allowed to outlive 25, forty six, seventy one, ninety four, 248, 368 days, respectively, after the implantation. The regulate animal survived forty six days. a close description of the experimental approach is given in other places sixteen. 17.

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During stereo-EEG we recorded 49 seizures (at least one In every patient) characterized by an ocular deviation occurring within the first 10 seconds. We chose this relatively short period of time because it allowed for an easier definition of the anatomo-electroclinical correlations. Table 1 shows the position of the 157 electrodes in lateral view. For obvious therapeutic reasons, central and frontal areas were explored by only a few electrodes. Results A. Ocular Deviation (Fig. 1) 1. "Tonic" deviation: In most cases (44 seizures, 14 patients), ocular deviation was rapid, abrupt, and extreme; it was rarely slow.

The relationship between spike trains and analog signals has often been examined by visual assessment of the records. 1. Foundation, Toronto, Canada. Divisions of Neurosurgery. 2 Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory, Toronto General Hospital. 3 Department of Physiology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. Address correspondence to: R. R. Tasker, Room 7-221, Eaton North Wing, Toronto General Hospital, 101 College Street, Toronto, Canada, M5G I L 7. 1 58 F. A. : However, visual assessment does not allow the relationship between these types of activity to be assessed either quantitatively or statistically.

J. Physiol. 238 (1980), E69-E82. lO. Jackson, J. , On the anatomical, physiological and pathological investigation of epilepsies. West Riding Lunatic Asylum Medical Reports 3 (1873), 315. Reprinted in: Selected Writings of John Hughlings Jackson, edited by J. Taylor, 1 (1931), 90-111. London: Hoddler and Stoughton. II. Kuhl, D. , Phelps, M. , Epileptic patterns of local cerebral metabolism and perfusion in humans determined by emission computed tomography of 18FDG and 13NH3. Ann. Neurol. 8 (1980),348360.

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