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By Robert Graham

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Quantity considered one of Anarchism: A Documentary heritage of Libertarian rules, is a finished and much ranging number of anarchist writings from the feudal period (300) to 1939. Edited and brought via famous anarchist student Robert Graham, the gathering will contain the definitive texts from the anarchist culture of political proposal, starting with many of the earliest writings from China and Europe opposed to feudal servitude and authority.

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The individual whose vision encompasses the whole world often feels no­ where so hedged in and out of touch with his surroundi ngs than in his native land. In pre-war times the individual could at least escape national and family bore­ dom. The whole world was open to his longings and his quests. Now the world has become a prison, and life continual solitary confinement. Especially is this true since the advent of dictatorship, right and left. Friedrich Nietzsche called the State a cold monster.

By social revo lution we mean power i n t h e hands of everyone through libertarian syndicalist associati o n , which would promote product i o n worldwi de i n all countries, thereby ensuring a n equ itable d i stribution of raw materia l s and fi n ished products, including consumer goods. We also mean communitarian associatio n , wh ich would satisfy a l l c o n s u m ption needs through the d i stribution of goods i n the interests of all. By social revolu­ tion we also mean creating all of the social bodies capable of fostering ful l d evel­ opment and fu l fi l l ment of i n d ividuals i n all a reas.

I can imagine no society which does not embody some method of arbitration. But just as the judge in equity is supposed to appeal to universal principles of reason , and to ignore statutory law when it comes into conflict with these principles, so the arbiter in an anarchist community will ap­ peal to these same principles, as determined by philosophy or common sense; and will do so unimpeded by all those legal and economic prejudices which the present organization of society entails . . 6/ ANARCHISM The whole case for anarchism rests on a general assumption .

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