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By Armin K. Thron M.D. (auth.)

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The inspiration for this treatise at the radiological anatomy of superficial and deep spinal twine vasculature advanced from day-by-day regimen neuroradiological paintings. This was once additionally the cause of subdividing the monograph right into a postmortem anatomical and a medical half. the particular value of a transparent notion of radio anatomic basics was once made transparent by way of many scientific meetings with neurologists, neurosurgeons and orthopedists, the place an absence of data approximately medullary syndromes of suspected vascular foundation grew to become glaring. additionally between neuroradiologists there's nonetheless common uncertainty within the interpretation of myelograms and angiographies in such circumstances. A research of the spinal cord's angioarchitecture is all of the extra justified and valuable contemplating the enormous variety of descriptions of cerebro­ vascular anatomy and pathology. The medical problem posed by means of sufferers being affected by partial or entire transverse spinal lesions has grown as a result of new diagnostic and healing methods. Myelography utilizing water-soluble distinction media, X-ray computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and spinal angiography this present day enable and require either previous and topographically and pathogenetically extra unique class of illnesses of the spinal wire and its surrounding buildings. because of growth in microneurosurgery and interventional neuroradiology, even intramedullary lesions became progressively more obtainable and treatable. as a result this monograph usually addresses these inquisitive about invasive healing suggestions and who're accustomed to the translation of radio anatomic findings. A finished description of medullary vascular syndromes will be past the scope of this treatise.

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As can be seen in myelographic functional studies, compression effects occur ventrally or dorsally, depending on the curvature of the spine, which probably affect the more easily compressed veins first, and the arteries later. Thus, if the ventral venous longitudinal tract is compressed by extreme movements, blood can be diverted dorsally not only through circular, superficial anastomoses, but even more quickly and efficiently through the transmedullary anastomoses. Since the spinal column has its maximum flexibility in the cervical region, the density of anastomoses in and below this medullary region may reflect physiological needs.

Postmortem Angiography and Microangiography of Spinal Cord Vessels 52 a b Fig. 39. Microangiograms of the conus meduilaris in lateral view a The anterior median vein continues as a large vein of the filum terminale. Small anastomotic veins cross the lateral surface to join posterior veins (arrows) similar to the arterial rami cruciantes. 40. Microangiograms of large transmedullary anteroposterior venous anastomoses (Vventral). Mid-sagittal sections (b and c; compare Fig. 41) show different courses of the anastomotic connections between the anterior and posterior midline vein.

And lateral view (V ventral). Numerous large-sized anastomotic channels can be observed, connecting a varicous part of the dorsal venous plexus with the anterior median vein (arrows). Demonstration of these vessels on axial or frontal sections is very difficult due to their irregular ascending and descending course b-d Microangiograms of three frontal sections at the level indicated in a. The anterior frontal section (b) shows the anterior median vein collecting numerous superficial branches from the parenchyma and the roots.

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