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By Griffith R. Harsh, Ivo P. Janecka, Henry J. Mankin, Robert G. Ojemann, Herman Suit

ISBN-10: 0865779856

ISBN-13: 9780865779853

ISBN-10: 3131247711

ISBN-13: 9783131247711

Written by way of a world-class staff of multidisciplinary specialists, this is the
first definitive reference on those hugely demanding tumors taking place in
the cranium base and backbone. masking every thing from their embryology and
pathology, medical presentation and analysis, radiologic visual appeal, surgical
treatment, radiation treatment, and diagnosis, it's the such a lot finished booklet
ever written at the subject.

Special features:

  • All on hand details on those tumors packed into
    a unmarried quantity
  • fine quality illustrations that make anatomy and
    surgical method crystal-clear
  • members contain: Albert Rhoton Jr., Harry Van
    Loveren, Laligam Sekhar, Robert Spetzler, and Chandranath Sen
  • contains replacement tools of therapy, ranging
    from surgical procedure to radiation modalities, with recurrence and consequence assessment

For all experts
who deal with tumors of the cranium base and backbone, together with neurosurgeons,
otolaryngologists-head and neck surgeons, ophthalmologic surgeons, and
orthopedic surgeons.

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Most of these patients, of course, had more than a single cranial nerve palsy. 30 Of the 155 patients with skull base chordomas in the Mayo Clinic series from 1910 to 1971, more than 90% initially had diplopia, usually from sixth nerve palsy. O n e fourth had a visual-field defect consisting of loss of acuity accompanied by diplopia. Half had signs or symptoms consistent with palsy of one or more cranial nerves between VII and XII or an indication of imposition on either the cerebellum or the pons.

1990;27:625–628. 20. Clifton AG, Kendall BE, Crockard HA, et al. Intracranial chondrosarcoma in a patient with Ollier's disease. Br J Radiol. 1991;64:633–636. 21. Dahlin D C . Bone Tumors: General Aspects and Data on 6221 Cases. 3rd ed. Springfield, 111: Charles C Thomas, 1978. 30 Demographics, Presentation, and Diagnosis 22. Julieu J, Riemens V, Vithal CI, et al. Cervical cord compression by solitary osteochondroma of the atlas. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 1978;41:479–481. 23. Javed T, Sekhar LN.

MRI showed a dumbbell-shaped, well-encapsulated tumor. 34 About 50 histologically distinct tumors occur in the sacrococcygeal region of children. Teratomas occur much more frequently than the very rare chordoma. The relative incidence of chordomas increases with age. Chordomas usually can be differentiated by four radiographic features: bony expansion, rarefaction, calcification, and trabeculation. 5 REFERENCES 1. O'Neill P, Bell BA, Miller JD, Jacobson I, Guthrie W. Fifty years of experience with chordomas in southeast Scotland.

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