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By Komaravolu Chandrasekharan (auth.)

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This ebook offers an intensive creation on classical Fourier transforms in a compact and self-contained shape. bankruptcy I is dedicated to the L1-theory: easy homes are proved in addition to the Poisson summation formulation, the vital restrict theorem and Wiener's common tauberian theorem. As an illustraiton of a Fourier transformation of a functionality not belonging to L1 (- , ) an imperative as a result of Ramanujan is given. bankruptcy II is dedicated to the L2-theory, together with Plancherel's theorem, Heisenberg's inequality, the Paley-Wiener theorem, Hardy's interpolation formulation and inequalities because of Bernstein. bankruptcy III offers with Fourier-Stieltjes transforms. After the elemental homes are defined, distribution services, positive-definite features and the distinctiveness theorem of Offord are handled. The ebook is meant for undergraduate scholars and calls for of them simple wisdom in genuine and intricate research.

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FOURIER TRANSFORMS ON 38 L/-=,oo) §7. Pointwise summability Examples given in §1 show that if fELl (-co,co), i t does not necessarily follow that the Fourier transform f of f also belongs to Ll (-co,co), so that the integral - referred to sometimes as a Fourier integral 21T f co f(a)e-iaxda may not exist as a Lebesgue integral, or even as a Cauchy principal value. We can, however, introduce into the integrand a function K(a), called a kernel, or a convergence factor, or a summability factor, and formulate general conditions on K, and on its Fourier transform, to secure the relation lim fR R->- co-R a -iax f(a)K(R) e da A f (x) , for almost every x.

This is the well-known criterion of convergence due to Dini, of which Theorem 4 is the analogue for Fourier transforms. If on the other hand, f is of bounded variation in (O,21T), then at every point xo the Fourier series converges to In particular, the series converges to f(x) i [f(xO+O) + f(xO-O)]. at every point of con- tinuity of f. If further f is continuous at every point of a closed interval, then the series converges uniformZy in that interval. This is the well-known criterion of convergence due to Dirichlet and Jordan, of which Theorem 5 is the analogue for Fourier transforms.

6 ) f V(f;x,t) f(s) P(x-s,t)d s , of f converges in the L 1 -norm to f (x), as t + t -2 2 ' t > 0, 1 P(x,t) 1T t +x 0+. 12) and (7. 2 1 ), is Corollary. 7) 1 f f(a) ~ -e -iaxda, 21T -00 is Abel, Gauss, and Cesaro (C,1) summable in the L 1 -norm to f(x). 4). For instance, in the case of the Gauss kernel, we have: 21T f f(a) e- a 2/ 2 . R e-laxda + fix), as R+oo, in the L 1 -norm. By Weyl's formulation of the Riesz-Fischer theorem, there exists a sequence +00 21T f as k + 00, such that 2 2 f(a) e- a /Rk e-iaxda + fix), as k+ oo , for almost every x E (-00,00).

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