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By Mark K. Borsody, Alexandros C. Tselis

ISBN-10: 1604065931

ISBN-13: 9781604065930

Praise for this book:

This is an attractive board overview e-book that greater than satisfactorily
covers the cloth that's verified at the ABPN examination. although now not every person has
the similar studying type or method of board learn, few will disagree that this
is a well-written and remarkable assessment ebook. it really is thorough and concise, and
the font and selection of colours is simple at the eyes.
— Doody's

Comprehensive Board evaluation in Neurology, moment Edition, is a vital source for neurology citizens and fellows
studying for the Resident In-Service education examination (RITE) and the yankee Board
of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) board exam. it's also worthwhile for
neurologists getting ready for recertification tests. Written in a concise define
format, the textual content distills the entire info commonly had to grasp the
RITE and ABPN examinations.

Updates integrated during this moment variation comprise a bit on coma, increased insurance of epilepsy, an outline of latest pharmacological remedies for a number of sclerosis, and lots more and plenty more!

Key Features:

  • Content displays the center carrying on with clinical
    schooling subject matters verified through the yank Academy of Neurology
  • Full-color, specified illustrations and pathology
    images support elucidate the textual content
  • Filled with effective precis tables and boxed
    content material to focus on the main salient "take-aways"
  • A new appendix, "Tight organization List," permits readers to acknowledge ordinarily linked medical phrases in a multiple-choice setting

This trustworthy assessment ebook includes every little thing had to effectively organize for board tests or recertification assessments in neurology.

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B. central cord syndrome—symptoms include bilateral weakness in the upper Ͼ lower extremities because of involvement of the medial corticospinal tracts (which place fibers to the upper extremity medially) and the lower motoneurons of the cervical spinal cord i. caused by neck hyperextension that compresses the spinal cord between an anterior osteophytic bone or herniated disk and the posterior ligamentum flavum; the pathological process is not necessarily infarction, but may involve traumatic injury and demyelination ii.

From Duus P, Topical Diagnosis in Neurology. Stuttgart, Germany: Georg Thieme; 1998:113, Fig. 35. qxd Figure 1–27 Course of CN XI. (From Duus P, Topical Diagnosis in Neurology. Stuttgart, Germany: Georg Thieme; 1998:130, Fig. 43. qxd 7/7/06 10:09 AM Page 34 Table 1–8 Cranial Nerve Syndromes Syndrome CN involved Location of lesion Typical cause Foix III, IV, V-1, VI Sphenoid fissure Mass lesions, aneurysm Tolosa-Hunt III, IV, V-1, VI; sympathetics Cavernous sinus or superior orbital fissure Idiopathic granulomatous disease, sinus thrombosis, or aneurysm Gradenigo V, VI Petrous apex Idiopathic inflammatory disease Vernet IX, X, XI Jugular foramen Mass lesions Collet-Sicard IX, X, XI, XII Around the occipital condyle Mass lesions Villaret IX, X, XI, XII; sympathetics Around the occipital condyle Mass lesions involving the internal carotid artery 1 Neuroanatomy iii.

Hemifacial spasm—symptoms include irregular, repetitive contractions of the muscles of half of the face (including the platysma) that are induced by voluntary facial movements; often begins in the orbicularis oculi, and spreads to the other facial muscles over time d. 32 i. , tumor, basilar artery aneurysm) or as a complication of a resolving Bell’s palsy ii. treat with antiepileptic drugs (carbamazepine) or surgical decompression Bell’s palsy—there is generally no hyperacusis; loss of the stapedius reflex does not cause hyperacusis to normal sounds; principles of neurologic localization do not apply in Bell’s palsy; involvement of the stapedius or GSPN (dry eye) is an indication of greater severity of the lesion, not an indication of location of the lesion; the entire nerve is inflamed; the greatest degree of compression seems to be in the labyrinthine segment, where the fallopian canal is the narrowest i.

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