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By Christopher Stuart

ISBN-10: 1856697428

ISBN-13: 9781856697422

That includes 30 designs by means of top designer-makers from worldwide DIY furnishings indicates you the way to exploit easy options to make beautiful dressmaker furnishings from scratch. the entire tasks should be simply assembled utilizing the step by step courses from universal fabrics that are came upon on the neighborhood ironmongery store. besides designs for seating and garage, the publication additionally good points tasks for making your personal mattress, cloth cabinet, lights and backyard furnishings. each one venture gains hand-drawn diagrams with brief, easy-to-follow directions on how you can construct the piece. no matter if construction from scratch or customising current designs, DIY furnishings permits you to create special clothier items at a fragment of the traditional expense. short biographies of all of the featured designers are integrated on the finish of the book.

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