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By Jurg van Vliet; et al

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ELB checks the health of the instances, and it will not route traffic to unhealthy instances. You have the ability to use something they call sticky sessions, which you can use to force a particular session to one instance. You would need this if the instances keep session data in a nonshared location, such as local memory. But it is not a “dedicated program” or a “hardware device”; it is a load balancing service. As a service, it can automatically scale its capacity depending on incoming traffic.

Elastic Beanstalk brings together AWS services like EC2, Auto Scaling, and S3 for the purpose of deploying an elastic Java application (see Figure 2-1). In order to work with your Beanstalk infrastructure, you need to be familiar with these services. In this chapter we’ll introduce them. This is a very quick overview; it is basically a summary of the first half of Programming Amazon EC2. We wrote that book to help you build applications on Amazon AWS, and it covers everything in much more detail.

As the outage of April 21, 2011 has shown us, if you work properly with different zones, the harm done to your application will be minimal or nonexistent in even the worst-case scenarios. If you work with Amazon AWS, it is good to realize that the tools operate by default in the US East region (Figure 2-2). If you don’t specify otherwise, everything you do will be in this region. There is no default availability zone, though. If you don’t specify an availability zone when creating a new resource, Amazon AWS will choose one for you.

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