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By Wolfgang Seeger

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This atlas illustrates the anatomical constructions of the inner and exterior cranial base and their topography necessary to transnasal endoscopic surgical methods.

Currently, the vast majority of transnasal microsurgical interventions are mostly constrained to hypophyseal interventions. The petrous a part of the temporal bone and the retrosellar median sector have in basic terms been carefully approached utilizing microsurgical endoscopy because of a present loss of technical adventure and topographical wisdom. those ways are universal within the US, even though, the place they're already effectively performed which demands a profound anatomical wisdom. hence the writer makes a speciality of the cranial base and different techniques which will arrange surgeons for those interventions. numerous anatomical variations and specific surgical features are presented.

The first-class drawings base upon anatomical arrangements, cadaver dissections and intra-OP demonstrations gathered through the author's a long time of neurosurgical experience.

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Carotis int. is accentuated. Walls of Canalis rotundus and Canalis pterygoideus removed. Abbreviations 1 Meatus nasi sup. 2 Concha sup. 3 atypical Cella ethmoidalis between Apertura sinus sphenoidalis and Planum sphenoidale 4 atypical supraoptic widening of Sinus sphenoidalis 5 optic nerve prominence (Divitis et al, 2006) 6 carotid protuberance 7 Tuberculum sellae 8 Processus clinoideus ant. 9 Curvatura post. of A. carotis int. (here: prominent to Sinus sphenoidalis) 10 Foramen lacerum (may be located close to the posterior-lateral wall of the sinus) 11 Apertura int.

Widenings of the sinus to Orbita were presented before, and in Fig. 33, further widenings in Fig. 33. Rare widenings include pneumatizations of Ala major, far lateral from Canalis rotundus. The roof of Canalis opticus may be doubled by a connection of the sinus to a pneumatized Processus clinoideus anterior. , which connects the sinus to the clinoid process inferior to Canalis opticus. Area between Sinus sphenoidalis and Foramen lacerum (Figs. 19 to 34) Anterior wall of Sinus sphenoidalis Apertura sinus sphenoidalis is interposed between the insertions of Concha superior and Concha media (Fig.

Neurosurg Focus Jul 15; 19 (1): E4 Kassam AB, Gardner P, Snyderman C, Mintz A, Carrau R (2005) Expended endonasal approach: Fully endoscopic, completely transnasal approach to the middle third of the clivus, petrous bone, middle cranial fossa, and infratemporal fossa. Neurosurg Focus Jul; 15:19(1):E6 Keros P (1965) Über die praktische Bedeutung der Niveauunterschiede der Lamina cribrosa des Ethmoids. Z Laryngol Rhinol 41, 808 Krmpotic-Nemanic J (1977) Entwicklungsgeschichte und Anatomie der Nase und der Nasennebenhöhlen in Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde in Praxis und Klinik.

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